Decentralized solutions / Wastewater treatment Plants

Range of wastewater treatment plants:
  • From 0.6 up to 45 cubic meters per day (4 PE-300 PE).
Intended use of wastewater treatment plants:
  • For a single house, an apartment, a pension, a hotel, a restaurant, a school, a caravan or camping site, a leisure site, a small enterprise, an industrial area, a village, a winery, a meat-processing factory, a soft drink factory, etc.
  • Biological reactor
    • The main component of our decentralized solutions is the compact biological reactor with our proprietary VFL technology. The tank of biological reactor for decentralized solutions is made from first class polypropylene sheets by welding.
  • Mechanical pretreatment
    • Can be integrated in the biological reactor for small units (4 PE – 75 PE),
    • The mechanical pretreatment can be integrated in the pumping station (screen basket, vertical screw screen) or in a standard shipping container (circular bar screen), with a capacity 5-10 l/s (100 PE – 1200 PE).
  • Physical-chemical pretreatment
    • Is used in case of industrial wastewater, the components can involve circular bar screens, belt screens, dissolved-air flotation units, coagulation reactors, etc.
  • Pumping station
  • Sludge treatment
    • Because of the type and low production of excess sludge, this is pumped out directly from the biological reactor (4PE – 30PE).
    • For the solutions for 40PE – 1200PE is the excess sludge automatically desludged into a sludge tank for thickening and storage before pumping out by a vacuum truck for disposal or reuse.
  • Tertiary treatment
    • The proprietary sand filter can be used for small units (4 PE – 250 PE)
    • A micro screen drum filter can be applied for solutions for 300 PE – 1200 PE
    • The disinfection can be ensured by dosing chlorine tablets for small units (4 PE – 20 PE), dosing sodium hypochlorite solution (30 PE – 1200 PE) or using UV lamp (4PE -1200PE).
    • The phosphorus content and the suspended solids can be diminished by chemical precipitation by using a dosing equipment.
  • Control unit
    • Affordable and simple customized microprocessor control units AQC with possible low cost remote control can be used for every decentralized solution with VFL Technology.

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