Local assembling factory

For our partners outside of Europe we offer the option to assemble our smallest sewage treatment plants from pre-cut and pre-assembled parts which are delivered by VFL® Holding.
Steps how to start your local assembling factory for VFL® wastewater treatment plants.
  1. Packaging of VFL® pre-cut wastewater treatment plantsContact with VFL® Holding.
  2. NDA with VFL Holding.
  3. Discussion about prices and details, we do not charge any license fees.
  4. Contract about cooperation, assembling and use of certificates. Visit at our factories.
  5. Training of your workers in Europa, which includes production, operation and service.
  6. Equipment of assembling factory in your location and short training at opening.
  7. Opening of local assembling factory.
Assembling overview
VFL® Holding delivers regulary:
  • Wastewater treatment plant plastic parts, pipes and components.
  • Membrane air blowers for wastewater treatment plants.
  • Covers for wastewater treatment plants.
  • Tanks for the air blower.
  • Control unit for residential  wastewater treatment plants AT6-AT20.
  • Packaging is in 20 or 40 ft. container.
One time delivery upon agreement:
  • Local assembling factory equipment.
Training of your workers:
  • Training of your workers in Europa and local visit from VFL® Holding.
  • Certification of your workers for assembling, installation and maintenance of wastewater treatment systems.

 Download all information about local assembling of VFL® treatment technology wastewater treatment plants. 

 We would like to invite you to be a part of our growing group.

VFL® AT6-AT20 wastewater treatment plants overview

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