Become a partner of VFL® Holding

Become a partner of VFL® wastewater treatment technology:

Together we will be able to contribute to a cleaner environment and at the same time increase the profit of our and your company. We are delighted to offer you the opportunity of a mutually beneficial partnership:

  • Sale and distribution of our wastewater treatment plants and solutions for decentralized and semi-centralized wastewater systems in your country or region.
  • Manufacturing of our wastewater treatment plants based on a treatment technology and know how transfer.

What we have:

  • Well-proven wastewater treatment plants and solutions for decentralized and semi-centralized wastewater systems to be sell and install in your country or region.
  • Well-proven technology / know how of manufacturing of wastewater treatment plants from PP sheets.
  • Well-proven technology / know how of manufacturing of underground and above ground plastic tanks from PP sheets - septic tanks, cesspools, drinking water tanks, etc.

What we are specialized for:

  • Development, production and installation of individual and small wastewater treatment plants, for decentralized wastewater treatment.
  • Design, development and installation of semi-centralized and decentralized wastewater treatment plants and systems.
  • Developing, producing and installation of various underground and above ground plastic tanks from polypropylene.

What we can offer:

  • Professional, technical and technological support for design, sale, marketing, installation and long-term maintenance of our products and solutions for decentralized, semi-centralized and centralized wastewater systems.
  • Long-term cooperation with you.
  • Training and schooling of the workers for installation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants.
  • Common development of the product adaptation to local requirements in your country or region with you.
  • Transfer of know-how, technology and expertise, license agreement on manufacturing of wastewater treatment plants or water tanks from polypropylene sheets in case of fulfilling our requirements for such a transfer.
  • Technical assistance during the transfer of know-how, technology and expertise.
  • Future ongoing research and developlment of wastewater treatment technologies and water reuse technologies.


  • We have no special requirements for selling or distribution of our products, however the experiences in the field of water and wastewater treatment sector could be an advantage.
  • The requirements for wastewater treatment plants technology transfer are stated on a case-by-case basis.


  • The technology of wastewater treatment with the patented Vertical Flow Labyrinth with integrated retention chamber has been specially developed for individual and decentralized wastewater treatment. The technology is patented and the brand name has been trademarked worldwide. The technology used in the purification process ensures the high quality of treated water including nitrogen and phosphorus removal along with low investment and operating costs.
  • The tanks are produced by welding. The producing is very flexible in comparison with a more common rotomoulding tank production or glass reinforced polyester tank production, which enables the change of dimensions, volumes of the tanks.
  • The wastewater treatment technology has all the necessary European certificates, it has been tested in Germany, by PIA Aachen, and has the local approvals from Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Russia and other countries.
  • The treated water can be reused for irrigation or showering after disinfection.
  • The tank of the wastewater treatment plant made from polypropylene sheets is lightweight in comparison with similar plastic products made by rotomoulding technology or glass reinforced polyester tanks and due to the applied patented technology of wastewater treatment has smaller dimensions, so it can be easily handled and transported, the transport costs are minimized.
  • The treatment technology has a high treatment efficiency and due to the patented technology of Vertical Flow Labyrinth has a low waste production and very low energy consumption.

The VFL wastewater treatment plants produced by our know-how are distributed in most of the European countries from East to West and South to North with different conditions and legislative requirements and specifications.

We would like to invite you to be a part of our growing group.

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