Main wastewater treatment technology products of VFL®

VFL - Small Wastewater Treatment PlantOur residential and small wastewater treatment plants from AT6 to AT225 were continually developed more than 20 years in order to meet the stringent local standards set out in many European countries. The residential and small wastewater treatment systems from AT6 to AT50 are in compliance with requirements of European Standard EN 12566-3 and hold the CE Mark of Conformity.

The residential and small wastewater treatment plants use a continuous-flow, suspended growth activated sludge process with the patented technology of Vertical Flow Labyrinth VFL® for wastewater treatment plants and combine the following processes in a single tank:

  • mechanical pre-treatment,
  • excess sludge storage,
  • biological treatment using a low-loaded activated sludge process,
  • separation of the treated water from activated sludge in the final clarification chamber and
  • flow balancing of fluctuating inflow of wastewater in the integrated retention zone.

Treated water quality after the wastewater treatment plant:

After secondary treatment

  • Fulfills the most stringent European discharge limits into rivers, groundwater, sensible areas, etc.

After tertiary treatment and disinfection

  • Fulfills the most stringent reuse criteria for irrigation, toilet flushing, discharging into bathing waters, etc.
Small wastewater treatment plants VFL


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