Semicentralized solutions / Wastewater treatment plants

Range of wastewater treatment plants:
  • From 60 up to 135 cubic meters per day (400 PE up to 900 PE).
Intended use of wastewater treatment plants:
  • For housing estates, villages, small towns, suburbs of big towns, etc.
  • Biological reactor
    • The main component of our semi-centralized solutions is the compact biological reactor with our proprietary VFL technology. The tank of biological reactor for the semi-centralized solutions could be made either from first class polypropylene sheets by welding or from concrete.
  • Mechanical pretreatment
    • Tailored to the needs, with the capacity 10-250 l/s (screen baskets, circular bar screens, screw screens, vertical screens, belt screens, compact multifunctional pretreatment units).
  • Physical-chemical pretreatment
    • Is used in case of industrial wastewater, the components can involve circular bar screens, belt screens, dissolved-air flotation units, coagulation reactors, etc.
  • Pumping station
  • Sludge treatment
    • Because of the type and low production of excess sludge, this is automatically desludged into a sludge tank for thickening and storage before pumping out by a vacuum truck for disposal or reuse (400 PE – 900 PE)
    • Dewatering of the thickened sludge by sludge dewatering screws.
  • Tertiary treatment
    • Is ensured by micro screen drum filter,
    • The disinfection can be ensured by dosing sodium hypochlorite solution or using UV lamp or their combination.
    • The phosphorus content and the suspended solids can be diminished by chemical precipitation by using a dosing equipment and micro screen drum filter.
  • Control unit
    • Affordable and simple customized microprocessor control units AQC with possible low cost remote control can be used for solutions for 400 PE – 900 PE with VFL Technology.

Semi-centralized solutions - VFL wastewater treatment plants


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