Steps to start 

Tell us something about you

We need to collect some basic information about you and your company. Afterwards we will agree a phone call with you to speak about your ideas and option for your market. Communication language is English. Please prepare also information about local market where you would like to work (we need to get rules and norms about your market, to find or adjust the right product for your market).

Visit in our factory in Europe
After our phone call we invite you to visit one of our factories in Europe, to show you who we are and what we offer to you. In this visit we start the talk about all options which are interested for your local business (sale of our wastewater treatment plants, local assembling, etc.).
Contract, transfer of know-how or start of local assembling factory
Depends on your business idea, we transfer the necessary know-how to your technicians, or train and certify your workers for assembling of VFL® wastewater treatment plants. We sign a contract.
Education, support and ongoing projects
In case you establish a local assembling factory for small wastewater treatment plants, we will visit this factory before it starts the operation. Anyway if you sell or assemble our products, we will regulary teach und support your people in the company with new information and ongoing developments of our product. For sure we can help you in specific projects in your regions, to find the best possible solution. 
Our small and oval plastic wastewater treatment plants are plug and play systems, it means all is made in our factory, local is only a simple installation needed.
For larger wastewater treatment system (above 1000PE) in concrete, we can transfer the necessary know-how to you and make a project together in which the local partner is mainly responsible for installation and construction works. VFL® Holding delivers the wastewater treatment technology which is produced in our factory. The installation of wastewater treatment technology is done together with our specialists.

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